October 11 Prayer & Praise


“Giving thanks ALWAYS for all things to God the Father,
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
(Ephesians 5:20)


Zambia. Pray for Maureen and her team guiding implementation of the chicken project, as they wait for the economy to improve (the price of chicken feed has doubled). The weather is very hot these days; and because of this, chickens are dying. Pray God will intervene in all her team’s plans, and that the heat will stop. Pray for people in Kamatipa Church – the number of attendances has gone down due to Covid-19, with people fearing that they cannot worship together. Pray that the Lord will touch those people’s hearts, and people won’t give into fear and lies of Satan.

Ethiopia. Please pray for peace, with upheaval & persecution happening in different parts of the country. Pray for the team & students to adjust to the new changes. Pray God will provide the resources we need to keep the program going.

Japan. Gypsi & Jesse report: “Pray that God will reveal himself, and that my friend would believe. We’re going to be starting a small church gathering (just us and another family – the husband isn’t a Christ-follower yet). Please pray that Jesus will lead & guide them, and give us discernment about what to say. Pray that the Towns’ family will find more connections at their home church amidst ministry changes.”

South Sudan. Pray that we can find an agency to help us drill a borehole to provide water for the orphans who are currently living in the church building. This would enable them to move to better accommodations away from the church. Pray that a lasting peace will come to that troubled land, and people will be able to live in peace and prosperity.

Tanzania. Continue to lift the Tanzania program in your prayers. The agriculture program is progressing well, though not as fast as hoped. If successful, this program could provide not only for our project people, but for the community as well. Our leaders & programs are doing very well.

Philippines. Continue to pray for the country, and for Rosemarie as she and her team are working hard to complete the housing project despite Covid-19. Pray for financial provision, that we will be able to provide for the completion of this house project.

Pakistan. Pray for the people of Pakistan as they recover from the flood which brought so much damage. Many were killed, and many areas were under water. Our orphans were kept away from the water, because they were diagnosed with skin infections during this monsoon season. Pray for protection and guidance for our team leader’s sister, who is getting married this month.

Canada Main Office (ICCM). Pray for Mel Middleton and Hayfaa Nicholson, as they take over a lot of responsibilities while Janet Hicks continues to recover from her post-concussion syndrome. Covid-19 has impacted how we operate and our financial support. Join us in prayers for guidance & wisdom from God, and for a financial breakthrough.

USA Main Office (CCM). The office in the USA is under the same pressures. As you know from the news, there is much unrest and trouble in the country. Declare 2 Chronicles 7:14 upon America, and pray for the upcoming US Presidential election.


Praise God, we are so thankful that Jesus has provided and protected our team leaders and our project beneficiaries (indeed, all of us) during this pandemic, and for helping all our staff to stay connected to get things accomplished.

Philippines. We give thanks and glory to God, that the house being built for the family (who are currently living in a shack) is almost done. Praise God, we were able to send support to the Philippines for Gina & Rosemarie and the children for emergency assistance. Thank you, Lord, for those who have contributed towards this project.

Praise Jesus, we were able to send money without any problems to Tanzania, South Sudan & Ethiopia.

Pakistan. Praise God, our orphans have recovered from the skin infections that they got in the flood waters.

South Sudan. Praise Jesus that the peace process seems to be going well.

Zambia. Glory to Jesus, Maureen reported she is praising the Lord for His healing hand upon her. The sickness was really serious; but with our prayers, she has recovered very well & has gained strength.

Japan. From our leaders Gypsi & Jesse Town: “We praise God that our homeschool journey is going very well.” We recommend that you read their encouraging report here.

Tanzania. Praise God there is no Covid-19, as the Prime Minister urged Tanzanians to trust God and pray for 3 days. As a result, there was no shut-down, which would have caused food shortages. Our team leaders & the orphans are doing very well – praise God!

We give our Lord Jesus praise and honor for the answers to our prayers, for meeting our needs,
and for meeting many of our wants too.
Thank you for not forgetting us, and for being a part of our prayer team.
We pray that you are all experiencing God’s peace, protection & provision through this difficult time.