DR Congo

CC Ministries supports some very strategic outreach ministries around the world. One example is Ushindi Ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Ushindi Ministry is a grass-roots Congolese organization engaged in promoting indigenous mission initiatives in the spiritually dark geographic heart of Africa in northern DRC. (“Ushindi” is Swahili for “conqueror, overcomer”.)

Ushindi Ministry’s motto is Transforming Communities through Churches. The Ushindi team encourages, strengthens, equips and mobilizes churches throughout northern DRC to get involved in outreach – in both word and deed – among people in their surrounding communities. This region of DRC has experienced decades of conflict and suffering, and one of Ushindi’s specialties is training in trauma healing. Another is promoting Community Health Evangelism (CHE). These are highly effective ministry initiatives by Congolese brothers & sisters in an extremely troubled part of the world.

Ushindi Ministry is developing a multipurpose ministry facility in the central town of Niangara, as a staging point for extended ministry throughout the region. And this is where CCM friends can get involved: By helping complete the facility, and by supporting ongoing training, conferences, and seminars for missionaries and church leaders. This Niangara Ministry Centre project will accelerate the mobilization of indigenous missionaries and local churches who serve on the front lines of need in northern DRC.

Despite limited resources, Ushindi Ministry continues to fulfill its calling. And the Lord is blessing. But so much more could be done with some help from outside friends! (Learn more about Ushindi Ministry on their Website.)

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on Ushindi Ministry. You can help the Lord’s people in DRC through one-time gifts or regular automatic giving. For more information about CC Ministries’ DRC project and how you can participate, please contact us.