It seems the Philippines is prone to many natural and man-made disasters. CCM has joined with other registered charities to provide emergency assistance in many of these crises. One charity in particular – Church Planting Ministries International, led by Alex & Rosie Pacis – did exceptional relief efforts. CCM was honored to join CPMI in an emergency response some years ago. This began our close collaboration with CPMI, and we continue to work on many projects together.

To address problems experienced in the Philippines, CCM has introduced projects which especially aid the most vulnerable people:

  • CCM collaborated with CPMI to help with the problem of housing.
  • CCM provided start-up costs for small business initiatives. For example, we have helped people to start sewing, to set up a clothing shop, and to operate pedicabs.
  • Food and supplies were provided to help displaced people and other victims of unfortunate circumstances.
  • In cooperation with CPMI, CCM helped provide wells in needy areas for clean drinking water.
  • CCM collaborated with CPMI to provide kits for refugees from the Marawi conflict.
  • CCM has been helping two special families. One is a group of orphans who were living alone in a shack. A neighbor took them under her care, and we are assisting financially with their needs. Similar help is being extended to a group of six children who were taken in by their elderly grandmother after their mother died. She cares for them despite her own extreme poverty, and CCM is helping.
  • CCM provides training assistance to young people who otherwise could not afford tuition, with the assurance that they will one day soon return to help their own communities.
  • CCM provides Bibles and Christian literature for distribution to spiritually hungry people.

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on this ministry. For more information about this program and how you can participate, please contact us. Should you like to help through financial support, please click here.