Tanzania is a needy, yet peaceful country, with an atmosphere of freedom of religion. While the country has avoided many of the problems that have plagued other countries in the region, the economy is not doing well, so there is still much poverty and need.

Tanzania KidsHistory

Initially, CCM was approached by a group called the “Friends of Kilangala” (FOK) which was supporting projects like “Power up Kilangala”. Moses Siame, was a long-time friend of one of those heavily involved with the FOK and who became one of CCM’s board members. He had visited the Kilangala Mission and caught the vision of this project, and, along with brother Moses, was led of the Lord to revitalize the Kilangala Mission programs. CCM began working together with the FOK for some time. In recent years the FOK turned over its work to CCM and we have been supporting the project as best we can ever since.  Other organizations have also been working with the overall Kilangala projects, especially with the hospital, school and outreach. But our little corner has been the Children’s Home. More recently, we have also helped with the development of coffee plants and other agricultural projects. Occasionally, we have been involved with smaller projects in other areas.

Current Activities

  • The first one was called Power up Kilangala, bringing electricity to the hospital and the surrounding villages.
  • Then CCM provided pipes for the Pure Water Project which brought clean water to the projects and the surrounding village.
  • We bought much-needed medical supplies and medicine for the hospital at Kilangala Mission, which is the only medical facility in the region.
  • The Children’s Home cares for orphans and abandoned children. Most of these are AIDS orphans who require medical attention. Albino twins, Stella & Gustave, have come to the orphanage because Albinos are treated cruelly in this area of Africa. These children receive daily care, including food, adult supervision and loving attention, and other basic necessities. A competent staff looks after them on a full-time basis. The children, supported by CCM, are being taught the ways of Christ.
  • CCM supports the Church and Spiritual Outreach Project by supplying Bibles and Christian literature.

Aron & Gina Siame, (Moses’ sons) and his wife Gina completed courses in Canada, then returned to Tanzania as CCM’s representatives. Aaron is now developing the orchard and agricultural programs. Gina is working as the director of the children’s home. Aron’s father, Moses Siame is retiring soon, and Aron will be taking over the directorship of the program.

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on this ministry. For more information about this program and how you can participate, please contact us. Should you like to help through financial support, please click here.