West Africa

CC Ministries supports some very strategic outreach ministries around the world. One example is Samaritan Strategy West Africa (SSWA). SSWA trains church leaders throughout West Africa in Biblical worldview, Kingdom principles, and strategies for holistic outreach to the community. SSWA’s influence over the years has led to countless churches experiencing the Lord working through them in new ways to transform lives and communities.

Samaritan Strategy West Africa is led by Dr. Christopher Ampadu. Chris leads an international team from SSWA’s home base in Ghana. There are 12 country representatives and 23 volunteers who facilitate their training programs in Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, and many other countries.

Despite limited resources, Samaritan Strategy West Africa continues to fulfill its calling and respond to training invitations all over West Africa. And the Lord is blessing. But so much more could be done with some help from outside friends, who recognize this CC Ministries project as a very high-leverage ministry opportunity.

How can I help?

To begin with (and most important), we encourage you to pray for God’s blessing on SSWA’s ministry. You can help the Lord’s people in West Africa through one-time gifts or regular automatic giving. For more information about CC Ministries’ West Africa project and how you can participate, please contact us.